1.618 SELECTION | Océopin


Oceopin’s pine seed oil joins the 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Guide!

“Oceopin is a cosmetics brand that innovates every day with the greatest respect for nature. It is part of a new luxury – a more ethical, creative and sustainable luxury. The 1.618 Guide is the ideal showcase to highlight and communicate our values.”
Marina Berger, Cosmetic Development Manager, Océopin

Océopin came about through an exceptional encounter between Jean-Jacques Berger, the first French producer of maritime pine seeds, and eminent researcher Pr. Robert Wolff, who specializes in cosmetics. The latter convinced Jean-Jacques Berger and his daughter Marina to use their raw materials to produce a cosmetics line. After 10 years of extensive studies on the subject and a patent applied, the Berger family launched Océopin and created the very first maritime pine seed oil.

Besides its will to turn a naturally rich resource into a luxury skin care, Oceopin deeply respects its environment: all the steps in the process of production are carried out with the greatest consideration for the pine forests where the company has been established since 1977.

The pinecone are harvested by hand from October to May, and then they are left to dry under the sun. As they dry they begin to open, exposing the seeds which are then cold pressed to obtain the precious oil, which is solvent-free.
The duration of the process, the scarcity of the oil and its golden color are some of the attibutes of Océopin’s expertise and success.

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NEW: Océopin will be releasing a new product this summer in the form of a grainy body scrub from maritime pine seed!

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