It is customary to say that a start-up only makes sense if it does not stay long as a start-up. In principle, of course the objective of developing an idea, an innovation, a project to make it profitable and perennial is considered in a relatively short time.

Yet in our echo system of New Luxury and Sustainable Luxury, many companies in the creative industry know this state over a long, long period.

However, this allows for agility, questioning and risk-taking inherent in innovation, the creation of new models, new professions, new ways of doing things…And we agree that in sustainable development, it is particularly impossible and inconsistent to do everything very quickly.

The slow start-up, a new concept for committed companies?

We love the start-ups that take their time (the long time everyone talks about is not only made for the well-being sections of magazines) and who help create ideas, solutions and exceptional energies. Time, boldness, conviction, the acceptance of being able to be wrong, change course and adapt its model generates as much frustration as very great satisfactions.

I want to say to all those who surround us and that we love that ourselves, in 1.618 Paris are in this transitional state since the creation of the project (2009), oscillating between questions, difficulties, disappointments, and pleasures, emotions, pride, jubilations, sensation of bringing forward a subject that we are passionate about.

And the best of all is that together, with a common vision and by sharing synergies, desires and expertise, we are able, with tenacity, to produce beautiful things and to accelerate the progress.

At the time of the great gatherings, I want to tell you: Let’s unite us 😉

Barbara Coignet

“A thing of beauty is eternal Joy” – John Keats