Fashion and sustainability lovers, your attention please!

1.618 is featured at Who’s Next 2015: “Fashion and innovation: sustainable sourcing for a unique and creative brand.”


The Fashion industry is constantly trying to raise the bar in terms of ethics and social responsibility. 

If designers can be catalysts for awareness in this area, there is the potential to re-create the industry, from the sourcing of raw materials to designing of garments worn by the public. Today, the brands with the best ethics are the ones that will meet the expectations of more demanding and informed customers.

We still paradoxically observe an imbalance between available resources and the effective use made by brands, while a holistic approach of the sustainable development can make designers and theirs brands more creative and thus, unique.

What are the new ethical and innovative materials and their applications? How involve all the company actors on these subjects, from the purchase of raw materials to the design?

Arnaud Rebufatt (Pülü), César Silva (De Gris), Dorothée Contour-Morel (Jem), brands selected by Paris 1618 and approved by the committee of experts in sustainable development; and Cécile Lochard (Citizen Luxury) will speak during this conference animated by Hélène Sarfati, Sustainable Development consultant of fashion, apparel and luxury companies.

CONFERENCE this Friday at 3 :00 pm – Hall 4 at Who’s Next

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