1.618 NEWS | Designer Highlight : David Trubridge


English by birth and New Zealander at heart, this nature-loving designer is a favorite of ours at 1.618.

In 1980, David, who holds a degree in naval architecture, sold all his worldly possessions and set sail around the world with his wife and two kids aboard a yacht, the Hornpipe. For five years, they sailed through the Caribbean and Pacific, stopping to work in the Virgin Islands and Tahiti where David designed furniture and interiors for clients on the islands. In 1985, the family arrived in New Zealand where they settled in the Bay of Islands, and continued to sail ‘Hornpipe’. David began designing eco-furniture influenced by his travels and the sense of infinite openness he experienced first-hand during their maritime adventure. The Canoe chair series was born of this reflection. Made like outrigger canoes; the light flexible structures fastened with string lashings integrate graceful canoe forms as seats.

David distinguishes himself from other designers through his minimalist style and use of natural raw materials that are in total harmony with nature. Respect for the environment serves as the foundation of David’s creative process, from the selection of raw materials, logistics, to product conception and realization. This attention to detail is one of the many reasons David became the leading eco-designer in New Zealand.

Today, his work is exhibited around the world and he continues to realize commissioned work for prestigious global organizations (Nobel Peace Center) and corporations (Bombay Sapphire), as well as art projects in New Zealand and Australia.