Independent luxury brands have been bought up, one by one, fueling further the appetite of major groups. Champagnes, wines, leather goods, perfumes… – all sectors have been affected. Some see this as a risk – that unique savoir-faire will be lost; others see it as a way to develop brands that would otherwise be lost forever without the necessary financial backing. Still, it begs the question of whether the global economy pushes groups to standardize luxury tastes for the sake of profitability and production. If this were the case, what would remain of luxury? What would remain that would be special?

Does the word luxury still mean something or does it need reinventing? An era in which the real savoir-faire, the inter-generational family spirit and the passion of independent creators will be less and less present?

INDEPENDENT LUXURY is the first book dedicated to independent luxury brands aiming to expose their unique characteristics and how innovation is the path to follow in this challenging journey. The book doesn’t study established companies; it rather goes for the innovators, those that are building tomorrow today.

The two authors, based on their extensive industry experience (creation of successful independent luxury companies, development of brands in more than 80 countries, executive training of c-level luxury decision makers worldwide, key-note speeches at international summits…) and privileged connections with independent luxury companies, have been able to follow and analyze several independent brands in their development and growth for several years. They have uncovered four winning innovation strategies and a novel strategic approach to guide entrepreneurs, creators, designers, managers and those who dare to challenge the status quo to become groundbreakers.
Innovation is central to survival and the companies studied have chosen one of the four innovation strategies below in their development.