For 3 days, debates, workshops, meetings, and exceptional events around the theme of the Positive Economy will pop up everywhere in the city by the ocean. It is the occasion to meet, listen, and share with experts in the field. Yesterday, in company of Jacques Attali and Edouard Philipe, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, gave the go-ahead for the manifestation.

This event will gather more than 5000 participants around 22 themes linked to positive economy: circular economy, global governance, collaborative economy, the cities of tomorrow…


More than 150 renowned speakers, among which the economist Jacques Attali, the environmentalist Nicolas Hulot, the navigator Ellen Mac Arthur or also famous scientist, Hubert Reeves are expected. More than 450 social entrepreneurs, NGO and company leaders, political leaders, artists and university professors will come to share their stories and commitments towards a positive economy.

The Positive Economy aims at making changes in the society and the way it works, by putting back mankind at the heart of the system. It is also working for the world of tomorrow and think of the legacy we will leave to future generations.

This is why 1.618 Paris is now paying particular attention to the Z Generation and is about to launch for the 5th edition of the “1.618 Event”, which will be held at the Carreau du Temple, next  April from the 3rd to 5th , a space entirely dedicated to it and a series of round tables!


At the LH Forum, 500 children have thought of different means given by the economy to make the world change in the right direction. At the heart of the animations, there will be some very diverse themes like the environment, alimentation, and agriculture. Children having participated in the first edition of the LH Forum will come to present the projects for the planet they implemented with their class over the past year (recycling, solidarity, environment, …) thus proving that they are key actors for change.

Like the committed work of Lucy and Jorge Orta, who will make their mixed flags float over the city, as a symbol for a global wakeup call. They had both previously shown their artistic commitment during the “1.618 Event – 2012” at the Palais de Tokyo.


To see the program, download the Positive Economy Forum Application!

1.618 Paris is thrilled to notice that Sonu Shivdasani and Emmanuel Errard, respectively Ambassador and New Hero of the 4th edition of the 1.618 Event that was held at the Carreau du Temple last April, will present, during the LH Forum their emblematic issues and successes.

Sonu Shivdasani will speak on Friday, September 26th at 9:50 am on the theme “Transform our conception of luxury and lifestyle”.  As for Emmanuel Errard, he will speak today at 11:50 about Education : “Learn about the 21th Century”