The first Sustainable Luxury 1.618 event was held from 14 to 17 May 2009 in the Palais de Tokyo.

This first event saw the light of day after two years of research into the meaning of Luxury in the Twenty-First Century, new consumer expectations of Luxury and the major issues in a changing world and a changing economy.
Reinventing new luxury codes, breaking away both with what is ostentatious and with forced guilt, showing that sustainable development could be attractive and desirable in order to move towards new methods of consumption and ways of life in society. This was our ambition for our project.

The Palais de Tokyo lined up as the perfect setting to communicate this.

1.618, a name referring to the Golden Mean and its symbol of universal harmony, bore clear, resounding witness to the impact of a new equation: Creation + Art + Innovation + Sustainable Development = 1.618, new Luxury, New Harmony. The tone had been set!

Under the High Patronage of the Ministry of Culture and in partnership with the WWF, Fouquet’s and Price Water House Coopers, this first event was an immediate success.

1.618 Sustainable Luxury also won the HEAVENT Award for the most innovative event in France.


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● Air Sur

● Bi-Scot

● Cécile Planchais


● Czeers

● Eco Luxury

● Elise Fouin

● Fouquet’s barrière

● Frédéric Ruyant Design

● Fritsch Associés

● Guillemette


● John Paul

● Mon soin du visage

● Natural Glam

● Orproject

● Princesse Bora

● Quintessentially

● Ragazze Ornamentali

● Saazs

● Segway

● Sheerino Kho

● Six Senses Group

● Sony

● Tesla Motors

● Valentine Gauthier


1st Art & Sustainable Development Exhibition : CONSUMER17 artists / 26 works

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Commissariat : Lauranne Germond de COAL

1.618 puts contemporary design at the heart of its event through the Consumer Exhibition, which gave visitors a perspective on and a completely new understanding of the problems of today’s world.

It gathered together around fifteen contemporary artists, both experienced and emerging, who had made sustainable development one of their creative priorities.

Consumer, the title of the exhibition, may be interpreted in two ways, one French1, and the other Anglo-American (consume, use). In French, “Consommer” or “consumer” are two similar-sounding words, which were for a long time one word. “Consommer” gradually came to be understood in its positive sense, meaning to acquire, use or completely accomplish, to the point where its original meaning of destroying, reducing to ashes and exhausting even its last remaining strength was forgotten.

“Consumer”, with its double meaning, questions the validity of a system built on consumption to the point of total loss, facing us up to our individual and collective responsibility for our passive condition as consumers.

Consumer maps the new sustainable development and consumption issues and blazes the trail for serious thinking about the absolutely necessity of inventing new, more responsible ways of consuming by rethinking our relationship with nature, technology and modernity.

● A Constrcuted World

● Eva Meyer-Keller

● Maria Thereza Alves

● Pascal Bircher

● Lucie Chaumont

● Donna Conlon and Jonathan Harker

● Marie Denis

● Mark Dion

● Anne Durez

● Camille Goujon

● Young-Hae Chang

● Kristof Kintera

● Nicolas Milhé

● Claire Morgan

● Philippe Terrier-Herman

● Marie Velardi

● Yang Zhenzhong

Conferences and Screenings

– Selection of documentaries from the Environmental Film Festival

– Conference on the Gold Industry

– Conference on New Luxury and eco-travel


● 30 exhibitors

● 5000 visitors

● 2300 professionnals

● 700 international journalists

● 2000 consummers

● A remarkable carbon balance: :
40 tons of CO2 emitted (meaning 15kg /m2)

● 1 contomporary art exhibition : “Consumer”


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  • Alice Audouin
    Alice Audouin

    Auteur Ecolocash. Responsable Développement Durable Groupe Havas

  • Caroline Sallé
    Caroline Sallé

    Journaliste Reporter Responsable “Pages Vertes” / le Figaro

  • Lionel Ochs
    Lionel Ochs

    Ethnologue Méthos

  • Philippe CASTRO
    Philippe CASTRO

    Conseiller / Ministère de la Culture

  • Nathalie Arnould
    Nathalie Arnould

  • Sylvain Lambert
    Sylvain Lambert

    Associé responsable de l’activité de conseil en développement durable de PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

  • Ugo Toselli
    Ugo Toselli

    Associé / Eco2initiative Services For Sustainable Development

  • Patricia Ricard
    Patricia Ricard

    Présidente de l’Institut océanographique Paul Ricard / Les Mardis de l’Environnement

  • Carole Balducci - Helfer
    Carole Balducci - Helfer

    Chargée de Mission auprès du directeur général Fondation WWF

  • Cécile Lochard
    Cécile Lochard

    Citizen Luxury / Conseil en Développement Durable et Philanthropie


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  • Fouquet's Barrière
    Fouquet's Barrière

  • WWF

  • Quintessentially

  • Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
    Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

  • Conekt

  • BMCS

  • Price Water House Coopers
    Price Water House Coopers