JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded has opened its ephemeral boutique in the heart of Le Marais parisian area. A treasure chest to host the precious collections of the French House.
1.618 took this opportunity to gather the members of its community to celebrate Gold during a private cocktail!

We were discovering with delectation the collection through hanged shadows in which gold and wood floor were reflected. Jewels vehicles of meetings, exchanges on the ethical aspect of the sector, on its future and changes already orchestrated.

We were admiring gorgeous artisanal lights of Elseways from Italian region of Puglia. Creations illuminating the evening and subliming the gold celebrated.

We were tasting the delicious Champaign of the House Duval-Leroy, pioneer of the sustainable viticulture.

In addition of all these delectations, chocolates with an inventive design, created by Les 3 Dandies in exclusivity for 1.618 and JEM. Printed with the 3D innovation, guests could delight themselves of a 1.618 medallion and enjoy a gorgeous golden cacao cuff, inspired by JEM Voids collection.

Thank you to our members for being part of the Sustainable Luxury ecosystem and to our partners supporting this movement. It was a creative evening, full of joy and ideas!