To give life (back) to forests

FIDDLE + HAMMER, the brand of Jordan Waraksa set up in Wisconsin reflects a beautiful and honest environmental commitment.

His iconic creation, the Bellaphone, is born from whisky and tequila barrels. Once the iron rings are dismantled and separated from the wooded material, the metal is recycled, the wood sanded and reworked to give birth to this wooden enclosure.

This object with exceptional sound quality is not the only piece created by the violinist’s hands: tables, chests, shelves and desks resurrect from Jordan’s studio. A resurrection due to the fact that no tree is cut for its productions. He prefers to use the wood of surrounding cities: sick, dying or already fell because of a storm.

An inspiring alternative, especially when it is widely known that thousands of hectares are decimated in favor of many industries.

Furthermore, the end of life of wooden products is fully sustainable: they can be reused or burned, without any environmental impact.

We are proud to count amoung our members FIDDLE + HAMMER in the person of Jordan Waraksa who gets to sing the abandoned wood and gives back life to hundred-year-old illustrious guards.

It is easy to fall in love with Jordan’s universe: learn more about FIDDLE + HAMMER in his interview for our Guide, and discover his astonishing Bellaphone on our e-shop.