Peace Boat is an NGO and a social enterprise that has been creating and organizing cruises around the world for 35 years. The experiential and educational activities that are organised aimed at promoting peace, human rights, respect for the environment and the planet.

Its latest project, officially launched in 2020, is the Ecoship Boat, a cruise ship designed to be the most eco-friendly and planet-friendly ocean lighthouse. Inspired by nature, the design of the 55 000 tonnes ship took three years of reflection, involving an international team of experts from diverse fields such as naval architecture, renewable energy and biophilic and biomimetic design.

The marine giant will hosts sustainable technologies in a floating laboratory for climate and ocean research, 10 retractable photovoltaic sails, 10 retractable wind generators and will reduce by 40% the CO2 emission and by 50% its energy load.

The epitome of a sustainable future using cutting-edge green technology and innovation of the future will transport 2,000 passengers all arounf the world to dream but above all to raise awareness and encourage to take active engagement in sustainable development challenges.