THE ARTIC BATH: Scandinavian eco-floating Hotel and Spa

Inspired by the worldwide success of the Treehotel in Sweden, the Artic Bath, an eco-designed floating hotel located on the Luleriver in Swedish Lapland, is scheduled to be launched in autumn 2018.

The hotel, resembling a large natural dam of piled logs, will float freely on the water in summer, and will be fixed on frozen water in winter period, everything set up in a luxurious environment allowing the contemplation of the Northen Lights.

Integrated in this hotel of the future, we will find 6 exceptional cabins, a shop, a lounge, a restaurant, a spa center, several saunas, a cold outdoor bath and other original aquatic activities.

Johan Kauppi and Bertil Harstom, the architects behind this innovation, could not have imagined the floating hotel of the future without taking into consideration the natural environment in which it will be. Natural preservation required, the Artic Bath will be designed with natural, eco-responsible and local materials that have almost none or no negative impact at all on the environment.

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