Let’s embark on a beautiful travel through the world, the most beautiful one, the world of tomorrow!

Inside his book Bienvenue dans ton monde – Welcome to your world in english, published by Nathan, french artist and director YAK (Yacine Aït Kaci) takes the hand of Elyx to discover various sustainable initiatives.

This little joyful character, drawn by few pencil strokes, is the first virtual ambassador of the United Nations and is the ardent defender of the 17 objectives of sustainable development.

It’s really important to change our way of production and consumption however it’s equally relevant to develop awareness among children about societal and environmental matters. Because they will be tomorrow actors, The Little Positive Guide of the Future inform in a recreational way on major issues such as environment, economy, technology and sustainable development.

On this essential tour, we learn with Elyx about artificial intelligence, renewable energies, local currency, genetic engineering and lot more! Full of optimism, YAK is sharing with us a caring sight on our world’s future through his mascot’s epic.

From schools to our bedside table, we highly recommend this book, in which a simple character describes big issues. Let’s keep optimism and fight for a better world!

Bienvenue dans ton monde, le petit guide positif du futur – Publishing house: Nathan, 10€90