Raw materials

The involved luxury apothecary 1.618 member Virginia Stone sources its raw materials mainly there, natural products from fair-trade cooperatives.
A huge commitment we wanted to share because sustainable development is not just about environmental issues but also social procedures!

Felt in love with Africa’s beauty and wildlife, Virginia Stone does her best to support as well as she can local communities.

“I have always believed in the importance of giving back more than you take, and feel that it is an obligation to support humanitarian work, environmental initiatives, and animal sanctuaries within this great continent.”

Al Amal Women’s co-operative is the first cooperative in Morocco to be completely run by women. Sourcing many raw materials there, Virginia Stone is part of the opportunity for these women to lead a decent life of dignity.

The founder met The Mother Africa Trust during a travel across Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The NGO provides a helping hand for Zimbabwe’s people, encouraging them to use their own resources and abilities to improve their lives, homes and communities.
This same association helped Virginia to be in contact with Ethandweni Children’s Home. “The home is run solely on solar power, and has a beautiful garden that supplies the children with healthy meals. No child should be without a home, healthy food, and love” Virginia told us.

As we don’t always know how to contribute to these kinds of organizations, the brand give a portion of every sale to the association the customer chose.

Be part of the Sustainability movement and improve the Sustainable Luxury meanings!

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