1.618 Paris has to present you its summer crush… Well we had one and wish to introduce you to an artistic, educational and innovative project that caught our attention because of its original scenography and totally shifting concept!

In 2 words: HONEY BANK

In 2004, Olivier Darné created the “poetic party.” This collective of artists, designers and researchers develop different research works on the principle of “pollination of the city”, and since 2009 has brought into existence the project “Honey Bank”.

Honey Bank has for primary goal to raise public awareness by proposing to understand the controversies that are at the heart of our news such as ecology and the economic and social situation via art installations in public spaces, with the bee as a medium. The bee becomes the protagonist of this educational and innovative project.

How to participate?

First by creating a bee’s savings account! It is a collaborative way to involve the public in a critical, political and operational demo around the understanding of the current 3 global crises: financial, environmental and alimentary.

What is the purpose?

The Honey Bank is becoming a participatory artistic work initiating collaborations between experts and public crossings. Bees Savings Accounts are edited in limited and numbered series and are open to all citizens of the world. They are registered and allow the transformation of human money in bee’s money (honey).


All this for?

After opening a bee’s savings account, people will be guaranteed to recover their deposit in honey. Work fruiting of deposit value will be the transformation of cash flow in bee feed. Bees Savings Account demonstrates that it is possible that man invests in nature without speculating on it or draws from it until exhaust and kill it.

What lesson do we draw?

Bees Savings Account also demonstrated that the time is not only money … “Sometimes it’s honey. TIME IS HONEY! “

Where to find Honey Bank?

After Meylan, Blanc-Mesnil, London, Rouen, Paris, you can now open an account at the Honey Bank from the following places:
Parti Poétique – Sensitive Zone in Saint-Denis (93 – France)
Rocher de Palmer Cenon (33 – France)
St-Gervais Theater – Geneva (Switzerland)


© Parti Poétique © Olivier Darné