In May, we tell you about
a beautiful Sustainable luxury experience,
the Cha Ling!

The true luxury, the one we won’t forget, deals with emotion and experience.

Imagine a trip to China, deep in the Yunnan province, immersed in the Millennium tea forests (the very famous Pu’er tea is the origin of the products of the Sino-French House Cha Ling), organized to make you discover, live and understand the different steps of the birth of the project.

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This bold, ambitious and respectful project, driven by passionate and committed personalities, was born just a few months ago.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cha Ling, a world full of passions, meaning, values, respect for time, people, their traditions and environment!
Cha Ling is a line of innovative Sino-French skincare products, born from an ecological dream and developed by LVMH Research, with its spirit of tea in the service of beauty.
More than a brand; it is a house, a universe, a lifestyle, a holistic experience.

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I was very lucky to participate in this trip, I lived the experience, I sought to understand their visions, their ambitions and their sustainable commitments. I lived an extraordinary Sustainable Luxury experience, I know (almost) everything about this beautiful and most committed brand. I will tell you more in the next newsletter dedicated to Cha Ling!

Until then, throw away your old pots of cream, your oil and your essences, you’ll only swear by real cosmetics that come from nature and carefully preserve it!

– Extract – by Barbara Coignet
To be continued…