ARTCOP21 : When Art becomes an advocate for climate

COAL and CAPE FAREWELL, the two most important European actors mobilize artists and cultural institutions on the issue of climate and launch ARTCOP21, an exclusive cultural program, to be held in Paris during the 21st United Nation Conference on Climate (COP21), from 30th November to 11th December 2015.

ARTCOP21 was awarded the “Paris Climat 2015” accreditation by the ministries of the environment and of international development. The goal being to mobilize the public opinion around a new vision, more positive and sustainable of the world.


In the program of ARTCOP21 :

A conference bringing together great artists from around the world to write the manifesto of the culture of tomorrow
Monumental and participatory art installations in public space by major international artists,
A agenda and a cultural journey through all Ile-de-France;
A special edition of COAL Award for Art and Environment and its international call for projects on climate;
A workshop for the cultural sector to learn how to integrate sustainable development into their creative processes.


COAL / Created in 2008 by art and sustainable development professionals, the association COAL is the commissioner for 1618 Contemporary Art Exhibitions since 2009. They also design and animate a program for the FIAC Hors les Murs since 2012 and identify each year the talent of tomorrow via the COAL Award for Art and environment with over 1000 projects of artists from 52 countries in 5 editions.

CAPE FAREWELL / Since 2001, Cape Farewell works internationally to bring together artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, scientists, communicators and opinion leaders and creatively work around the climate change issue, a real catalyst for change.

1618 will keep, of course, an eye on this project and is sure to keep you informed of its development…