ART | Meet artist Olga Kisseleva


Olga Kisseleva : At the intersection of Twitter and Time

1.618 Sustainable Luxury event will receive April 4-6, 2014 a number of renowned and emerging artists who will expose their work within our contemporary art exhibition titled, “Le temps au temps” and designed by Coal.
One such artist is the Russian born, Olga Kisseleva, who will present for the first time her work titled « Tweet Time » (2014). The work is represented by a clock which moves back in time for every tweet associated with words which reflect time and our lack of it. Our constant and unconscious reflection will be placed under her proverbial microscope. Never again will we be able to tap or murmur the words “no time”, “missing out”, “almost there”, “wait for me”, “5minlate”, etc. without being reminded that time is fleeting and we should take a moment to actually appreciate it. Take the time to come discover this work!

Who is Olga Kisseleva?

Born in Leningrad in 1965, she works and lives between Paris and Saint Petersburg. Active in a number of countries Olga has been teaching contemporary art at the Sorbonne for several years. Her work consists of creating elaborate sculptures filled with complex mechanisms and video installations. She has written a number of academic books and regularly speaks at conferences across the world. Her approach to art is born of a experimental vision rather than an empirical one.
She is heavily invested in the international art scene. Her experiences linked to participating at a number of biennales (Venice and Dakar) and the themes that she promotes through her art (poetic terrorism to art which serves to evacuate reality), plays on the interface of the real and virtual space and explores the role of the artist in a contemporary society.