ART | Jérémy Gobé at 1.618

Jeremy Gobé will present his work, Corail Restauration, at our upcoming 1.618 Sustainable Luxury event art exhibition titled “ Le Temps au Temps”. Born in Cambrai and currently residing in Paris, Jeremy’s work has been exposed throughout France and Europe. He has received numerous awards and is currently associated with Centquatre – Paris and supported by the Foundations Neuflize OBC and NA! Fund.


Coral is the central material of his work, “Corail Restauration”, from which he has incorporated natural and manufactured elements in order to extend the life of the coral. This intertwining of elements continues until they can no longer be distinguishable one from the other. The work, requiring tremendous patience and meticulous attention to detail, celebrates organic life which transforms a single material to its image by continuing to fill the space.

Jeremy’s work is inspired by human labor and the gestures that this implies. His work extends the life of natural elements – sea urchins, butterflies, corals – by manual means – knitting, drawing, sculpture – in order to create hybrid objects full of poetry. His ideas are inspired from multiple chance encounters; the work evolves depending on what it finds in its path, abandoned tissues or found objects, which he (re)gives a certain nobility.

This artist is brought to us by COAL, curators of the exhibition. We are grateful for their efforts in bringing such talent and inspiration to our event.