Flowers of change

Bad news for environement: an uncommitted person has been elected as the new US president last week… Nevertheless there is not only bad news this month! We first would to talk about COP22, happening in Morocco until 18th of November.

Boosted by a strong artistic emulation, we (re)discover an involved city of Marrakech, from festivals to galleries.

Inside this 22d summit’s area are hosted an exhibition and a workshop. Art’cop22 is a place where various artists express their involvement to the fight against the global warming through multiple artworks while The Flowers of Change, a project initiated by artist and journalist Pierre Esteve, is a workshop where visitors become creators composing flowers with up cycled plastic.

COP22 is also the perfect occasion to inaugurate the museum of african contemporary art of Marrakech. Essentiel Paysages gathers 40 african artists around 5 thematics: recounted nature, tree of life, the man and the sea, recycle/resist, aspiring nature.

Beyond the vision, L’Art de la Révolte at Matisse Gallery shares critical points of view, concerns and utopias of numerous committed artists.

Before ending this article we would like to highlight the Minyadina Salon. For three years this BtoB trade fair showcases Moroccan craftsmanship and know-how. Furnishing, design, jewellery, fashion… COP22 is a relevant moment for this 4th edition to promote a local handicraft as qualitative as eco-responsible.

Beauty, creativity and sharing make this Summit more alive than ever!