M-1! ART COP 21…

At the beginning we wanted to make a selection of our favorite projects organized during the COP21 among the myriad of projects, conferences, exhibitions, workshops (which are not just doing greenwashing and that we don’t even look at!)Finally, we won’t do it!


Because we have found a fantastic program prepared by the ArtCOP 21. Everything is a must see! We love every single project!


333 events, 38 countries involved, including 90 projects in Paris and Ile-de-France organized for Paris Climat 2015 from 29 November, summed up in a cultural events guide.
Incredible settings, interactive artwork, exhibitions, conferences, popup actions… and eclectic by bringing together art, political messages, instructive ideas, they won’t let you indifferent. Selected and reviewed by the talented association Coal, the listed events will arouse your desire to get more involved in fighting the global warming!


We hope that you will be part of this positive movement
by taking some days off and visiting many projects!

Wherever you are, see you on November 29, for the Global March for Climate 2015!

ART COP 21 : the whole programmation!
COAL : Coalition pour l’art et le développement durable