Support the launching of the 1 Heart 1 Tree app that virtually plants trees in real life !


Naziha Mestaoui introduced a Kickstarter campain to finance the  1 Heart 1 Tree app, an artistic and innovative initiative to reforest the planet, only with a click.

1 Heart 1 Tree  is an artwork that connects the virtual with the real, technology with nature. We are developing an app which will generate a virtual tree for each participant. This app is a work of art that gives you the opportunity to plant a tree of light in 3D on the most famous monument in Paris: the EIFFEL TOWER. With 1 Heart 1 Tree , you’ll be able to create a tree of light with your name on it. It will grow at the rate of your heartbeat on the Eiffel Tower.

For every digital tree that is planted on the monument, a real tree will be planted through reforestation programs all over the world. Protecting forests is essential to supporting a healthy environment: trees are one of the solutions to combating the greenhouse effect, saving clean water, and providing a habitat for wildlife. Trees are also a source of life and energy.

1 Heart 1 Tree‘s, goal is to offer a simple way to act and have a positive impact on the long run ! When you put your finger on the phone’s camera, your heartbeat will be recorded and sent to our database. You will be sent your tree in 3D, with your name or a word of your choice on it, growing at the rate of your heartbeat. Your virtual tree has a unique ID code linked to a real tree, which will be planted in a reforestation program.

Electronic Shadow, Naziha Mestaoui and Yacine Aït-Kaci  are part of the 1.618 Paris community from the beginning and we support their great initiatives, which are always innovative, artistic and sustainable!

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