The (r)evolution of sustainable luxury disseminates seeds in many industrial spheres: health, beauty and well-being are not forgotten.

The Canadian company Virginia Stone, created in 2014, has turned to an innovative, inspiring and surprising approach to skin care.

Virginia Stone, founder of the eponymous company, wanted a benevolent philosophy for the development of her brand. The project was thought out in every detail and is at the essence of what sustainable luxury is. The brand uses hundreds of resins, leaves, raw and exotic flowers. These raw materials are sourced from small organic family businesses around the world. The entire production process respects the intrinsic qualities of the products.

Virginia Stone’s sustainable approach has been pushed as far as possible. At the heart of the brand’s identity is the Luxador stone, which was born after two years of research. The use of this material in packaging is a real innovation, like an exclusive, luxurious, virtuous “oeuvre d’art”, inspired by the beauty of nature. At Virginia Stone, container and content share the same pathways of excellence. The products are adapted to skin typologies: Jasari for intermediate skin, Odaja for dark skin, Kavesi for light skin.

Virginia Stone’s dedication is rewarded: an international distribution is underway and the company won the Best New Design and Packaging Award at the “2017 Pure Beauty Awards”.

Like a mantra, Virginia Stone makes her own this quote from Buckminster Fuller ” You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”. Change is a daily act …