UJET : technology and
design one step ahead

Present at the 1.618 Biennale with its revolutionary electric scooter, Ujet is a high technology company that provides urban communities a new generation of mobility solutions that integrate clean technologies, the science of materials, smart connectivity and refined design.

Combining style and practicality, Ujet electric scooter, the first product of the brand, is the most advanced in its class. With two battery capacities, an autonomy that can go up to 150km, a minimum weight of 43kg, a functionality that allows to fold it and a total connectivity available via smartphone and even remotely, Ujet innovates by offering city dwellers an innovative way of moving around the city with style, while addressing current urban mobility issues related to congestion and pollution.

A real innovation in urban electric mobility, the ultra-connected Ujet scooter seduced the visitors of the 1.618 Biennale, who had the opportunity to test his quiet, light, revolutionary drive in front of Le Carreau du Temple. At 1.618 Paris, we love it!

The scooter is available from 8 690 € and already customizable according to your tastes on the official website.