1.618 Paris will present partnership with MINIWIZ for northmodern design-fair in Copenhagen!


1.618 Paris is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Taiwanese Miniwiz agency specialized in upcycing and sustainable design. As you may already know, 1.618 has the honor to present a curated space Northmodern x 1.618 in the Danish design fair, northmodern, to be held from August 13th to 15th 2015 in Copenhagen. On this occasion, 1.618 entrusted Miniwiz with scenography and design of the 500 m2 space for a unique and sustainable decoration!

What exactly does Miniwiz do?

The Taiwanese engineering and design agency founded in 2004, manufactures construction materials as well as packaging, accessories or other innovative gadgets from recycled post-consumption waste, in an upclycling perspective. The strength of Miniwiz is their ability to recycle EVERYTHING; wood, textiles, organic waste … to turn it into solid, lasting materials that can be used in many areas such as design and architecture.

Their great creations are impressive enough but we were particularly convinced by their aesthetical and contemporary approach. The design, the line and the conceptualization of the projects pave the way to a new era for recycling: a smart, useful and beautiful one!


According to the founders, “Trash is not necessarily something to get rid of at a high cost for environment. The growing reservoir of 50 years of trash or more is a resource for the future. Make waste a desirable resource, sexify trash, is our first goal.” Turning waste into a resource, changes the perception we have of our rubbish. And the end result is often breathtaking.

For the company, Design has to change; the material selection for a product should come before conception. The work of Miniwiz is based on 3 fundamental principles:

REuse: 100% recycled material only shall compose the product

REduce: minimize the quantity of material needed in products thanks to a particular approach of structures.

REcycle: after usage, products must be re-recycled, which is done in a more sustainable way when a single material is used for its conception


Their approach has convinced many manufacturers and their materials have been used for several different architectural projects (Huaqiao Dream World mall, EcoARK… ) indoors (NIKELAB, Huang Residence… ) and installations (for The Nike Feather Pavilion for the Taipei Pavilion for the World Expo 2011… ) but also for building a boat for example…

To take a look at the different building blocks they created here.

In addition to materials and construction projects, Miniwiz also designs furniture and useful objects like dynamo charger for bikes, mini wind chargers, chairs, modular shelving systems (Eco- morph shelf system), Smartphone cases … all in 100% recycled materials.

The company intends to increase its presence on the European market European market, starting with Copenhagen. Indeed, in addition designing the set, Miniwiz will have its own space in the Crystal Hall Curated by 1.618. Come and discover this company and their wonderful work from 13 to 15 August!