ASAP Oceans: A manifesto for the defense of the sea and oceans

Oskar Metsavaht, the founder and creative director of Osklen (and “1,618 New Hero and ambassador”!) makes a strong appeal in the face of the urgent need to adopt a way of life that is in line with socio-environmental practices through his new concept ASAP (As Soon As Possible – As Sustainable As Possible).

His new summer 2019 collection, presented a few days ago at Sao Paulo’s fashion week, denounces environmental crises such as pollution and overfishing through his discourse and watercolour prints. The involvement of Osklen and Instituto-E around this theme has always been present in the brand’s history. Oskar Metsavaht, president of Instituto-E and UNESCO Ambassador for the Culture of Peace and Sustainable Development, joined the Environmental Ministry’s delegation to the United Nations Conference on Oceans in 2017 and acts as an advocate for marine protected areas.

When a creative industry leader makes a concrete commitment, there is every hope of change. At 1.618, we’re very, very, very much fans!