1.618 is proud to announce the imminent release of the new book Luxury and Digital!


Yes, we are proud! Because  Barbara Coignet, the founder of 1.618, inspired by her intensive research on the issue, is among the 14 contributors selected by the author Eric Briones (Darkplanneur)!

Luxury and Digital is a book which questions the compatibility of luxury with the digital’s and proposes to conquer the luxury of tomorrow, by building the first foundations of a digital strategy in line with the sector’s requirements for uniqueness and excellence.

For the author, the conclusion is clear, the luxury of tomorrow will be postdigital!

The first part of the book offers a shock therapy to eliminate digital complex, and looks ahead to an upcoming tomorrow, the luxury Postdigital. Collaborative, the second part involves 14 experts (influencer, big data, China, social commerce, retail, e-advertising, education, sustainable development, digital image, produced content, experiment, transformation, entrepreneurship and customer experience) that assess their professions and propose concrete solutions to transform them.

The book of 256 pages presents the contributions of: Géraldine de Gunzburg Cohen (The Beautyst), Celine Lippi (Fashion Capital Partners), Barbara Coignet (1.618 Paris), David Klingbeil (Dymant), Samy Thuillier (Blue Rider), Pierre- François Le Louet (Nelly Rodi), Sylvain Pailey (M Advertising-Board OBS), Manuel Diaz (Emakina), Frédéric Raillard (Fred & Farid), Laurent Moisson (Splendens Factory), Stéphane Galienni (Balistik # Art), Emmanuel Vivier (Hub Institute ), Pierre Kalaijian (ISG Moda Domani Institute), Adeline Amiel Donat …

Price: € 24.00 In bookstores: March 9, 2016