HAMETHOP: Modern heritage of African know-how

The story of Hamethop is a story of a realization! Despite the unique resources that Africa possesses, the know-how of the continent is not properly represented in Europe. It was during a stay in the United Kingdom that Tsakani Mashaba, the founder, sadly discovered it.

It was for her the time to create a unique and responsible brand, based on the revaluation of African know-how and its craftsmen, who put their heart and unmatching talent into these works.

Through a partnership with retirees and suppliers who have survived the “fast-fashion” business model, Hamethop, meaning “Prosperity of African Culture” is a line of luxury handbags made from vegetable tanned leather or animal remains and natural cotton.

The creations, designed in South Africa, are produced in limited quantities in order to minimize the environmental impact. The craftsmen, paid fairly, are trained to pass on their know-how to the future generations of artisans.

A pioneer of societal change, Hamethop brings a beautiful, modern and innovative aspect to the traditional and local techniques of the weavers of the continent.

The brand is secretly working on a new range of accessories that will come out in April … Stay tuned!