Like an intriguing perfume, like a guiding intuition, you will be led not far from Carreau du Temple, in the heart of the creative neighbourhood aka the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. A bright building covering 600 meter-square on 4 floors is located near the Marché des Enfants Rouges…

Empreintes is the new concept store dedicated to French craft: tableware, ornaments, jewels, furniture, lights, cabinets of curiosities and outstanding artworks… the entire craftsmanship has been gathered in one place thanks to the Ateliers d’Art de France.

This unique space has been created to embrace interactions through meetings and shares. Wonders and unexpected discoveries are discussed around a drink in the coffee, flourishing in the library or merging in the projection room where emotions are growing in this real living place more than just a shop.

You won’t be disappointed as every two months, a focus on a theme, a know-how or a material will be subject to a free rein in order to surprise the public.

To begin, the scenographer Elizabeth Leriche chose the wood. The relationship between nature and human beings is clear: a material coming from trees, forests, the lungs of our planet, whether it is worked with chainsaw, sculpted or cut, brings infinite ideas. Let your imagination and sensitivity fly away!

If you are as impatient as we are, we will wait until September 10th (only 4 days left!) for the opening of Empreintes at 5, rue de Picardie.

We’ll meet you there!