That moment when you are back from holidays and you already want to leave again… we decided to push the temptation by presenting one splendid hotel where we, as well, would like to fly as soon as possible!

Destination: Portugal! In less than an hour from Lisboa, halfway between sea and dunes, Areias do Seixo extols the slow attitude and the listening of nature. The 100% auto-sufficient hotel recently set up different ecofriendly villas. The architecture swings between rusticity, tradition and sophistication.

Areias do Seixo is strongly committed to several sustainable causes in addition to its harvesting and reusing water systems, its photovoltaic panels and the fact that they are working exclusively with local artisans for interior design.

Strolling near the pool with a view, wandering on the colorful dunes, discovering the art gallery and the organic garden, resting around the fire with the owners, … you are truly invited to enter a contemporary and respectful haven of peace. Everything we like!

We bet you already booked your room so we can’t wait to see your photos!

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