OPINIONS | Gérard Laizé


1.618 : “According to you, what is the future of luxury?”

Gérard Laizé : “Always rare, unique, exceptional, high-quality. A sometimes ephemeral, peculiar privilege.
Luxury is not only an issue of acquiring possessions and statutory goods; it is also linked to experience – by becoming the discoverer and primary beneficiary- and opinion by providing recognized leadership to its instigator.
From then on, it is not only an exterior sign of a privileged social status. In a society searching for new references, its defended values and exemplary experience must reflect an influent personality.”

Gérard LAIZÉ, CEO of VIA

Gérard Laizé is the CEO of VIA (Valorisation de l’Innovation dans l’Ameublement) since 1994.
He is a member of the National Institute for Art Trades (INMA), became president of the “Design & Brand” circle in 2007.
Strategy specialist, he has been Marketing Director in the industrial and distribution sectors in France and abroad for the last 20 years.
He ensures the curatorial direction of international and Parisian exhibits each year.