1.618 Hors les Murs comes back in 2015 at the heart of Paris!

IMG_9934Do you remember the 1618 Hors les Murs launched from 1 to 7 April, during the week for Sustainable Development?

Little Reminder…

In partnership with the City hall of the 3rd arrondissement of Paris and the Carreau du Temple, 1618 Hors les Murs, invested the district of the Upper Marais, through artistic, educational and participatory programming for everyone: Around Smart battle, the city of tomorrow, an Expo “Slow Photography, an Elyx Party, a selection of Food trucks, urban Expo” Contramundo “…

THE good news!

Following the success of the 2014, 1618 Paris renews its “1618 Hors les Murs” from March 30th to April 5th, 2015 and holds its participatory urban program in the 1st arrondissement of Paris!

The goal?

Raise public awareness on sustainable development through creativity.


The 2015 Focus

1618 Hors les Murs has chosen to highlight the burning issues of 2015: Art, Architecture, climate and food, to echo the outstanding European events such as the World Expo Milan and Climate Conference 21 in Paris.


What awaits you … 6 issues /6  themes /6 actions!


The Climate

Approaching the UN Conference on Climate in Paris in 2015, 1618 participates in the collective awareness of climate and environmental issues. That is why we will propose educational and recreational activities (treasure hunts, workshops), to empower without anxiety!


Reduce pollution – The Future of Mobility:

The future of mobility lies within alternative ways of behaving; sharing and renewable energies, carpooling and eco-mobility are the demonstration. Thus, we will propose specific mobility circuits to educate drivers about the need to change their habits in urban areas and we will put forward the key players of the future of mobility.

Habitat, Responsible Architecture

Imagining the “life within the community” in the future means also thinking about the responsible habitat. The intention of the City Hall of Paris is to put green architecture in the heart of the city for the well-being of its inhabitants. How to project into the Paris of the Future through the prism of sustainable development? Question we will answer through installations and workshops.


Art in the City?

1618 has always used Art as a means to generate, question and raise awareness on sustainable development issues. That is why we will give a voice to artists to help visitors better understand and decipher the problems of today’s world.

Food & Beverage

To echo the Milan World Expo 2015 and the theme chosen by the France Pavilion: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, the culinary experience will at the center of the 1618 Hors les Murs. Fun and educational workshops with food brands and great chefs will feed the reflection on these issues and give consumers of all generations new alternatives.


1618 Place To Be

Wondering if there are trips around Paris to discover shops, fashion boutiques, design workshops, wellness intitutes, restaurants, cafes, art galleries that promote creative, innovative and responsible consumption? Well the answer is yes! 1. 618 is selecting for you throughout the year the best green places recognizable thanks to the 1618 stamp placed on their glass windows! We will inform you shortly about the launch of these trips!