Design Hotels exists since 1993, with the distinction of being the first community that brings together inspirational hotels spotted in all corners of the world, that link together architecture with interior design.

Back in 2007, the company already understood the new expectations of travelers and decided to focus on authenticity at the heart of its aspirations.

Always innovating, keeping ahead of trends and tirelessly deciphering the changes in society, Design Hotels created in 2013 “Finding Infinity” in partnership with EarthCheck.

Design Hotels travels the globe in search of rarity, independent and meaningful hotels, visionary homeowners who, through their creative mind, connect their guests with the environment and local populations.

At 1.618, we are working since 2009 to give back a sense of meaningfulness to the definition of Luxury, advocate for an intangible Luxury charged with values ​​such as time, experience, emotion, creativity, respect…

Through our events and our online guide, we showcase modern brands, rooted in the Luxury of the 21st Century Luxury and which have incorporated sustainability into their development.

The meeting with 1.618 was then natural.


From September 17th to 19th, Design Hotels gathered  its members and partners in Stockholm for its annual conference on the theme of “Positioning”.

Orchestrated by Claus Sendlinger and his wonderful team, the event has received top-flight speakers like James Gardner, Founder & Former CEO of Create the Group, Kjell A. Nordström, exceptional economist and visionary writer, Phil McAveety, vice president of Starwood Hotels,  Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson of The Future Laboratory.

Barbara Coignet, 1.618 founder was invited to present her project and her vision of a new Luxury, as a starting point of a partnership with Design Hotels across Finding Infinity.

With a portfolio of over 260 hotels, Design Hotels continues to innovate and announced its recent silver certification by EarthCheck.

Changing the World is only possible by creating synergies between companies sharing the same vision of the future!